ABOUT  Pau de la Calle Argelès (Barcelona, 2000)...


Pau de la Calle Argelès (Barcelona, 2000)  
I'm a freelance photojournalist working on daily news and long-term projects. I'm interested in human stories, such as social conflicts, migration movements and the growing global climate crisis.

After finishing my photography degree in Barcelona, I specialized in photojournalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I worked for a year as a photojournalist and graphic editor at Diari ARA. Now, I work as a freelance for Diari ARA, El Nacional, The Associated Press and Europa Press agencies.  
I have published in international media such as TIME, New York Times, Washington Post, The Times, Guardian, CNN, Al Jazeera, Boston Globe, Der Spiegel, Libération, Le Monde, NZZ, La Vanguardia, El Periódico, El País, Revista 5W, among others.

You can reach me at paudelacallefoto@gmail.com, at +34 629 05 25 22 or http://t.me/paudelacalle on Telegram.

*Images on this site are available for print.


- 36th Boehringer Ingelheim Award for Journalism and Health Communication, Finalist
- "Coexist", 21st Young Photographers of Catalonia Award, Winner
- "Coexist", 14th Carles Rahola Award, Winner

- "Love to not forget", Miravisions Award, 1st Prize Winner
- "Train writers", Miravisions Award, 3rd Prize Winner
- "The 7th Mission", Menorca Doc Fest, Selected
- "Love to not forget", ANI-Pix Trakk Award of Visa Pour L’Image, Finalist
- CLIC Grant (Catalan government), Winner
- "The 7th Mission", CLIC Award (Catalan government), Winner
- "The 7th Mission", Wold Report Award | Festival della Fotografia Etica - Finalist

- "Train writers", ANI-Pix Trakk Award of Visa Pour L’Image, Finalist
- "Imprisonment of Pablo Hasel", CLIC Award (Catalan government), Winner
- "Imprisonment of Pablo Hasel", Carnet Jove Grant (Diari Ara), Winner        
- "Love to not forget", El Projector (FotoColectania Foundation & Fujifilm), Winner
- "Art. 47 - Error 404", Intercultural CLIC Award (Catalan government), Winner

- "Love to not forget", Portfolio Review, Full Frame Festival (Canon), Winner
- "Alzheimer in quarantine", CLIC Award (Catalan government), Selected
- "Alzheimer in quarantine", Best Short Documentary Award, Quarantine Film Festival, Nominated
- "Alatac", Photogenic Festival Award, Finalist


- "Beyond the storm", Visa Off, Visa Pour L'Image, Perpignan, France
- "Love to not forget" and "Train writers", Palau Robert, Barcelona, Spain
- "The 7th Mission", Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain
- "Love to not forget" and "Train writers", Miravisions, Lleida, Spain
- "The 7th Mission", Visa Off, Visa Pour L'Image, Perpignan, France

- "Imprisonment of Pablo Hasel", Visa Off, Visa Pour L'Image, Perpignan, France

- "Love to not forget", PhotoEspaña, Barcelona, Spain
- "Alatac", Photogenic Festival Award, Barcelona, Spain (solo exhibition)

Pau de la Calle

Freelance Photojournalist based in Barcelona
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